Company History

Lance Intermill the owner of Lance Trucking, Inc. literally has trucking “in-his-blood”. His grandfather Marvin Pickard was the owner of Marvin Pickard Trucking from 1945 to 1988 (Colman, South Dakota) Lance’s Grandpa retired at the age of 84. Lance always admired his Grandpa and knew from a young age that he wanted to have his own trucks, just like Marvin!

In 1994 at the age of 21 Lance began driving truck for his brother. In 2000 he bought his first truck (a 1998 Peterbilt), and after fulfilling a one year contract, leased onto another company, Lance and his wife Heather decided to go on their own; starting L & H Trucking. In May of 2002 he purchased a second truck and hired a driver. However, two months later, after a (NON-fatal) accident totaled the other truck; Lance opted for trucking locally as the sole operator with his original truck.

In September 2004 an opportunity opened for Lance to again expand. Knowing that this was his chance to have his own “fleet”, he began purchasing more trucks and a variety of trailers! Having now been divorced the name was changed to “Lance Trucking”.

In 2007 Lance purchased 11 acres of property in the Industrial Park in Volga South Dakota and built a lot for parking his trucks which now numbered eight. Each year became more prosperous for Lance and in 2008 he began a new division of the business called “Dirt and More”. (which provides landscaping supplies and services)

In 2009 “Lance Trucking” became incorporated. This young man’s dream to be like “grandpa”, has flourished into a company that now employees approx 20 people and hauls a wide variety of products locally and across the country!